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Charles Andalusia chicken

Andalusia chicken

Quality, succulent cooked chicken pieces, with a sweet, spicy sauce. Let yourself be tempted with this genuine trendsetter.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Appelpaté

Apple pâté

Creamy paté with delicious apples for a rich, full flavour. Great on toast or in a sandwich and perfect for the kids, thanks to its sweeter flavour.


Baby potatoes

This tasty side dish goes well with a range of dishes, from chipolata and chicken to Scotch Eggs and pork stew.

Charles Spek om te Bakken

Bacon for cooking

Love crispy bacon? Then this is a delight for the tongue: traditionally salt-dried, and thicker cut for in the pan.

Average weight per pack: 150 g


Beef stew

The beef stew is prepared in a classic way, with only the finest meat and a sauce made with traditional table beer, mustard and lots of onion.

Charles Beemster Jong (Mild)

Beemster Jong (Mild)

Soft cheese with a deliciously fresh, creamy flavour. The cheese is matured for 5-6 weeks. Ideal for sandwiches, in slices, or as chunks for an aperitif. Easy to digest.

Average weight per pack: 175 g

Charles Beemster mature

Beemster mature

Smooth, creamy cheese with a rich, mature flavour. The cheese is matured for 4-5 months. Get the mustard out!

Average weight per pack: 175 g

Charles Boterhamworst


Bologna is made from the highest quality pork meat and fat. A classic you will probably remember from your childhood!


Bolognese sauce

Traditional sauce with mince and vegetables: balanced and tasty! Serve with spaghetti or your own creation.

Brown garlic sausage

The delicate flavour of veal sausage meat forms the basis of this sausage. Seasoned with a hint of garlic and smoked slowly. Irresistibly tasty hot or cold.

Items per pack: 2

Linguini met scampi

Chef’s scampi with linguine

Bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your plate with this delicious combination of scampi, linguini and sun-dried tomatoes.

Charles Chicken curry salad

Chicken curry salad

The mildest Indian curry sauce with our own quality chicken fillet. A delight for the mouth with a hint of spiciness! Also available in 120 g.

Average weight per pack: 185 g

Kip curry met rijst

Chicken curry with rice

Lightly sautéed chicken fillet with basmati rice and a mild curry sauce: tasty oriental cuisine!

Charles Chicken fillet

Chicken fillet

Pure chicken breast meat. Prepared with the best ingredients for a pure flavour. Lightly baked in the oven after cooking, for a tasty, crispy coating.

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Charles Kipfilet Tuinkruiden

Chicken fillet with garden herbs

A variation on the classic chicken fillet, but with a blend of delicate vegetables and herbs. Ideal for a sandwich or in a fresh salad with lightly caramelised apples.

Kipfilet Archiduc

Chicken in archiduc sauce

Lightly sautéed chicken fillet, richly topped with archiduc sauce and served with a duo of mash.

Charles Kippenfricandon

Chicken meatloaf

This meatloaf is made from pure poultry with an exceptionally mild flavour. Lean, succulent and easy to digest. . Recommended with a dash of Tierenteyn mustard.

Charles Chicken salad

Chicken salad

The tastiest chunks of chicken prepared and seasoned according to grandma's recipe. Prepared with rich mayonnaise. Delicious with black pepper.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Kippensalami

Chicken salami

This salami made of chicken meat and vegetable fat is seasoned with a fresh bouquet garni. The result? A delicious salami with a subtle flavour!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Vol-au-vent met puree

Chicken stew with mash

A creamy chicken stew with the finest cuts of chicken, fresh mushrooms and meatballs, served with mash.

Witloofrolletjes met ham en kaas

Chicory ham rolls with mash

100% fresh chicory rolled in Charles ham with a delicious béchamel sauce. A hearty 600 g portion for a satisfying meal.

Charles Crab curry

Crab curry

Freshly cooked eggs, crab and surimi in a creamy yellow curry sauce. A treat for the taste buds and a great snack on toast!

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Crab salad

Crab salad

Salad made with fresh crab meat, surimi, eggs and the best mayonnaise. Crab salad just like it used to be made, and still available from Charles. Also available in 185 g.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Cream paté

Cream paté

Creamy paté from the top table, with fresh ingredients, fresh cream and dairy butter. The number one: for sandwiches, on a baguette or on toast ...

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Dried sausages

These farmhouse sausages are the ultimate snack: made with the best bacon and pork and a special blend of herbs.

Items per pack: 3

Charles Egg-bacon salad

Egg salad with bacon

Crispy bacon with eggs is always a welcome treat. Charles combines both flavours in a delicious salad spread for sandwiches.

Charles Extra sweet horse meat

Extra sweet horse meat

Thin slices of fresh horse meat with a mild, sweet flavour due to traditional preparation methods: the meat is salt-dried in French wine barrels and matured slowly.

Average weight per pack: 80 g

Charles Boerenworst

Farmhouse sausage

A salami made of pure pork meat, seasoned with the finest herbs and chunky bacon bits. An absolute favourite among connoisseurs.

Charles Ontvette Ham

Fat-free ham

Top quality ham with the fat removed. Delicious in a sandwich or in a hot meal.

Charles Filet de Sax

Filet de sax

Exceptionally delicate pork meat in a thin layer of the finest belly fat. The meat is cold-smoked on real beech wood and carefully dried. A genuine delicacy!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Fijnkost Salami

Fine salami

A soft, balanced blend of meat with delicious mustard seeds. Just the right size for a sandwich. We love it, how about you?

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Stoofvlees met appelmoes

Flemish beef stew with apple sauce

Flemish stew, traditionally made with sweet apple sauce and potatoes: a feast for every Belgian.

Charles Vlaamse Boerenham

Flemish farmhouse ham

The finest ham, salt-dried to create a refined, dried ham from our own region. Great with melon!

Charles Gebakken Kruidenspek

Fried herbal bacon

Salt-drying bacon is an art. The herbal, dry marinade for the bacon will make your taste buds tingle. Delicious in a sandwich or in a roll.

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Gipsy chicken

Gipsy chicken

A salad comprising lean chicken fillet, sweet ‘zigeuner’ sauce and fresh bell pepper. A real treat!

Average weight per pack: 120 g



Goulash with fine pork strips, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms: the basis of a good meal.

Charles Oma's Koek

Grandma’s meatloaf

Meatloaf like grandma used to make. Traditionally prepared for an unrivalled flavour. All you need is a cherry sauce to complete the banquet.

Charles Prawn salad

Grey shrimp salad

The best of the North Sea in a soft, creamy mayonnaise. A salad for real (sea)food lovers.

Grilled chicken sausages

Grilled chicken sausage

Grilled chicken sausage tastes great hot, cold or on the grill. Delicious between two slices of bread, or with chips.

Items per pack: 2

Charles Natuurham Grill

Ham grill

The only Charles ham that is grilled after cooking, creating a lightly smoked meat with a unique aroma.

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Charles Ham salad

Ham salad

Rich salad made with freshly cooked eggs, garden peas and chunks of Charles-ham in a delicious creamy mayonnaise.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Hamburger met bloemkool

Hamburger with cauliflower and potatoes

Hamburgers made of the best minced meat with lightly sautéed potatoes and cauliflower with béchamel sauce. Yes,life can be tasty!

Charles Hawaiian chicken

Hawaiian chicken

Chunks of cooked chicken fillet in the best cocktail sauce, finished with southern pineapple. Life can be sweet, particularly with this Hawaiian salad.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Horse meat block

Horse meat block

Horse meat in a block, ideal for sandwiches. The meat is salted and matured using natural, traditional methods.

Average weight per pack: 80 g

Charles Italiaanse Ham

Italian ham

Italian ham is prepared just like Parma ham. An exclusive product that melts in your mouth and is ideal as tapas or with a few slices of mozzarella.

Charles Jonge Topper

Jonge Topper

Jonge Topper has a deliciously fresh, creamy flavour. Light and easy to digest: the very best in the charcuterie range.

Average weight per pack: 175 g

Charles Lunchworst

Lunch sausage

Antwerp-style lunch sausage, prepared using the leanest pork meat and mixed with delicious bacon bits. Perfect for sandwiches, with its gently smoked flavour.

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Macaroni met ham en kaas

Macaroni with ham and cheese

Delicious macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce, enriched with the best Swiss Gruyère and tasty Charles ham.

Mashed potatoes

A generous serving of potato mash so you can share with friends! Combine with scotch eggs, vol-au-vent or chicory gratin.

Charles Meat salad

Meat salad

Fresh salad with delicate pieces of Charles-ham, fresh eggs and herbs. Seasoned with creamy mayonnaise and a little mustard. Also available in 185 g.

Average weight per pack: 120 g.

Charles Meat spread

Meat spread

Meat spread with lean pork and beef, with a blend of salt and spices. Delicious sandwich filling produced under the most stringent hygienic conditions. Also available in 120 g.

Average weight per pack: 185 g

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Hand-rolled meatballs in a delicious tomato sauce. A generous portion to share with friends or family.

Meatballs in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes

Hand-rolled meatballs with velvety tomato sauce and a hearty helping of mashed potatoes.

Charles Meatloaf


Traditional Flemish meatloaf, made with top quality ingredients and rolled in breadcrumbs. Baked in a hot oven for a delicious, crispy crust.

Average weight per pack: 150 g


Meatloaf log with baby potatoes, peas and carrots

A hearty everyday meal. Perfect with a dash of mustard.

Mini farmhouse sausage

A delicious piece of farmhouse sausage in slices or diced, ideal in front of the TV or as an aperitif. A real trendsetter at any party.

Items per pack: 1

Charles Champignonworst

Mushroom sausage

This top product is prepared with traditional veal sausage and enriched with fresh mushrooms to create a real flavour experience.

Charles Natuurham

Natural ham

The absolute number one among hams, prepared according to a family recipe that is 3 generations old. Be surprised by the subtle flavour and refined aroma.

Natural ham off the bone

A ham with its own special flavour, due to being cooked and smoked on the bone.

Charles NH mature cheese

NH mature cheese

North-Holland mature cheese is a Gouda cheese with a creamy structure that is matured for longer to add extra flavour. Who can resist a delicious chunk of cheese?

Average weight per pack: 175 g

Charles NH mild cheese

NH mild cheese

NH stands for North-Holland: a quality region for mild cheese with a soft, creamy flavour. Ideal on toast or in a croque-monsieur.

Average weight per pack: 175 g

Charles North Sea salad

North Sea salad

Fresh salad with pollack and pink and grey prawns. A real treat, thanks to the blend of carrot, celery, bell pepper, onion, etc.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Ovengebakken Ham

Oven-baked ham

One of the most succulent hams in our range, oven-baked ham is dry-salted by hand to a secret family recipe. Simply delicious!

Charles Parijse worst

Parisian sausage

A medium-coarse meaty sausage made of pork and seasoned with a delicious blend of herbs and a touch of garlic.

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Blokpaté

Pâté block

Traditional recipe, for a delightful flavour. Fresh liver and bacon combined with lean meat and delicate herbs: a real treat for pâté lovers.

Charles Pâté du Chef

Paté du chef

An exceptional paté that combines coarse chunks of ham with delicious creamy paté. Fresh liver, pork belly and a special blend of herbs make this product a real treat!

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Penne Arrabiata

Penne Arrabiata

600g pure Italian passion. The Arrabiata from Charles sets your taste buds on fire!

Charles Pepersalami

Pepper salami

This salami's spiciness comes from a unique blend of pepper from the Far East. A spectacle of elegant flavours and a spicy finish!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Petit Paris

Petit Paris

Extra lean pork meat, Madagascan pepper and a hint of garlic are the basic ingredients that give this slightly coarse sausage its exquisite flavour and structure.

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Pita spicy

Pita spicy

Mildly spiced salad that is great for sandwiches, barbecues or on toast. Also delicious cold, on chips.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Varkenshaasje met gratin en boontjes

Pork tenderloin with beans and gratin

Classic pork tenderloin with beans and gratin. For the connoisseur who knows what's tasty.

Average weight per pack: 600g

Charles Prepared Martino

Prepared Martino

Meat salad with lean pork and beef with a refined, spicy sauce. Finished with Martino sauce, shallots and gherkins. Also available in 120 g.

Average weight per pack: 185 g

Red garlic sausage

The delicate flavour of veal sausage meat forms the basis of this sausage. A hint of garlic also adds a little something. Irresistibly tasty hot or cold.

Items per pack: 2


Rice mix

The delicious basmati with peas, carrot pieces and sweetcorn tastes great with many stews.

Charles Ringworst

Ring bologna

Ring bologna is a delicious, dry sausage with a coarse structure. Made with the best pork meat and bacon and seasoned with a delicious blend of herbs.

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Salami Classic

Salami Classic

A genuine classic from our range, prepared with the finest meat, fresh herbs and a hefty dose of craftsmanship!

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Charles Salami Classic met Look

Salami Classic with garlic

A variation on our salami Classic, but with a kick of garlic.

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Charles Gezouten Spek

Salted bacon

Lightly salt-dried and matured: bacon like you’ve never tasted before. Tender and tasty and prepared using traditional methods according to the recipe of Charles’ grandfather.

Average weight per pack: 125 g


Sausage with apple sauce

A juicy sausage with deliciously sweet apple sauce and steamed potatoes.

Vogelnestjes met puree

Scotch egg with potato mash

Scotch egg with tomato sauce and potato mash is a Flemish classic that is an essential dish in the Charles kitchen.

Gehaktschotel met broccoli

Shepherd’s pie with broccoli

This beef mince oven bake is the perfect meal for a cold winter’s day. Just heat up and enjoy a delicious balanced meal.

Charles Smoked bacon

Smoked bacon

Bacon that is smoked for a night after salt-drying, to add a subtle smoky flavour. So tasty that you won’t want to miss out!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Gerookte Kalkoen

Smoked turkey

Irresistibly lean and healthy sandwich filling made of 100% turkey meat. Light but full of flavour thanks to the traditional smoking process. Ideal for a healthy diet.

Average weight per pack: 100 g


Sole rolls with broccoli mash

Freshly rolled sole fillets in a tasty white wine sauce with broccoli florets. The perfect meal for an easy evening, but still full of flavour.

Spaghetti bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognese

A rich Bolognese sauce with freshly cooked pasta. 600 g of pure tastiness on your plate.

Charles Strasbourg


Light, refined meatloaf, baked in the typical Strasbourg tin and seasoned with Charles’ traditional spices. Made according to our family recipe.

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Tuna cocktail

Tuna cocktail

Fresh tuna in a delicate cocktail sauce, enriched with freshly grated carrot.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Tuna salad

Tuna salad

The secret of this salad lies in the specific mayonnaise. Combined with the best chunks of tuna, it turns every mouthful into a delight! Also available in 185 g.

Average weight per pack: 120 g

Charles Kalkoenfilet

Turkey fillet

Our turkey fillet is made of 100% pure turkey. It is a low-calorie and exceptionally healthy sandwich filling with an unforgettable flavour!

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Charles Kalkoensalami

Turkey salami

A real salami favourite! The combination of lean turkey meat and tasty bacon creates a soft salami with a fresh and spicy aroma!

Average weight per pack: 125 g


Turkey stew

Deliciously refined dish specially created by our own chef. Serve as a starter and/or main meal.

Charles Kalfsworst

Veal sausage

Prepared using extra-lean raw materials and real meat. Seasoned with a special herb mix. The very best quality!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Groentenworst

Vegetable sausage

A deliciously soft ring bologna made of fresh pork meat, seasoned with a smooth blend of herbs and tender leeks.

Average weight per pack: 125 g



Chicken stew with fresh mushrooms and delicious meatballs.

Charles Zingarella

Zingarella Salami

A salami with a delicious aroma and robust character. Perfect in a sandwich, due to its large diameter.

Average weight per pack: 125 g