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At Charles, we think long term.

What drives us is the passion to continuously develop better products. Deli meats that we can offer with confidence to our children, because we know that they are prepared with care. Well made, with quality ingredients, and respect of animal welfare and the environment.

Our family business is looking to the future. We’re not thinking in terms of quarters, but rather in terms of generations. Because it is our duty to take care of our children, our grand and great-grandchildren. Only in this way will we transmit our values through our products.

This is how we continue to learn, evolve and see what’s possible. Today and tomorrow. 

We think generations. Charles.

– Since 1935 –

Charles has been working hard to make its deli meats, salads and ready-to-eat meals good in every sense of the word. And to offer you an artisanal quality.

It is the result of our passion for taste and quality, passed down from generation to generation.

Doing better

These days, our products are based on proven recipes and a love of the profession.

In fact, we are also thinking about future generations, as this cycle is infinite. It is a matter of constantly learning, evolving and adapting to the rhythm of society.

So we are always looking to do our job even more sustainably. The search for eco-friendly packaging solutions and the continuous improvement of our recipes are examples of this.

Want to know how Charles is evolving? Learn more about our goals here.


Animal welfare



At Charles, “good” means both delicious and healthy. Charles constantly improves the recipes without compromising on either taste or quality.

Charles’ specifications

Based on years of experience, we have established specifications for our ingredients. These strict standards allow us to ensure the origin and quality of all our raw materials.

Fewer additives

We work hard to ensure our deli meats are as natural and pure as possible. This is why we launched a project to reduce the number of E additives present in our products.

Allergens mentioned on the packaging

We make it clear! Our labels are frank about any potential food allergens in our products. Click on those icons for more info.

Charles’ gluten-free products have a gluten content of less than 20 mg/kg and thus meet European standards for gluten intolerant people.
Charles’ lactose-free products contain at most 2.5 mg/100 kJ or 10 mg/100 kcal. They are perfect for lactose intolerant people while retaining their nutritional value and delicious flavour.
Charles’ allergen-free products do not contain any of the 14 products included in the official list of substances that cause allergies or intolerances: gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphite/sulphur dioxide, lupin and molluscs.
Charles products are low in fat, meeting the standard of less than 3 g fat/100 g.

(*In accordance with EU Regulation n° 1169/2011)


From the farm to your plate, what road did your meat travel? Our quality service ensures the traceability of our raw materials in order to guarantee the quality of our products.


For us, being good is more than just a matter of taste. It is also about respect for animals and their well-being. We have made this the core thread of our assortment.

Charles’ specifications

In addition to guarantees about the quality of our raw materials, we set standards for animal welfare in our specifications.

Short chain

We strive to create a short chain, working with local farmers as much as possible and with a minimum of intermediate steps. Good for you, as this means that you know where your meat comes from, and good for the animals.

Respectful Life

Because we are very attentive to the welfare of horses, we support the Respectful Life* program. Our horse meat products are proud to bear the label.

More information about this project on

*The Respectful Life project is a joint initiative between the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) and FEBEV, the Belgian Meat Federation. It is a comprehensive scientific research project aimed at improving animal welfare in the horsemeat sector.


Charles constantly works to optimize both production processes and packaging while paying particular attention to efficient use of raw materials, energy consumption and our environmental impact.

Solar panels

Charles is sensitive to the use of energy and invests in renewable energy. To do this, we covered the roof of our warehouse with about 900 solar panels. This has significantly reduced our consumption!

Short chain

By opting for local partners as much as possible – known as the short chain – the kilometres travelled by our products are reduced. This brings down our ecological footprint !

New water treatment plant

Our water treatment plant purifies wastewater so that our activity does not release polluted water into nearby streams and rivers.


Thanks to cogeneration, we get excellent efficiency for heat and electricity. With this natural gas installation, we produce electricity.

When cold water is used to cool machine engines it becomes heated. We store it in a buffer tank and use it to clean our workshops. This reduces our energy consumption.

Recycled packaging

We are always looking for packaging solutions that are user-friendly, ensure the freshness of food and leave a near-zero impact on nature.

To achieve this, for two of our prepacked ranges, Charles uses packaging that contains recycled plastic and PET. That way we reduce waste.

Also for our other products lines, we look into sustainable packaging that offers all the features we need.

FSC-endorsed labels

Our labels come with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label. This means that they are made from paper produced according to strict social, environmental and economic criteria.

Read more about the FSC label by visiting



*Charles is committed to purchasing raw materials that meet a label with strict animal welfare standards and with a guarantee of a high quality of our raw materials, fully substantiated and traceable.

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Discover the range