Charles:supplier of meat and meat products since 1935

Charles is a Belgian producer and supplier of meat and meat products. The company was founded by Grandfather Charles De Cock in 1935. The original ‘Cock’s Vleeswaren’ was renamed ‘Cock’s Fresh’ in 2016 before being given its current brand name as a tribute to the founder. Our capacity doubled in 2017 after the acquisition of meat products wholesaler Vagro Vleeswaren & Delikatessen.

A family’s passion

Charles has been specialising in the preparation and distribution of traditional spreads, salads, and ready meals for over three generations. Our products are the result of a family tradition, passed down from father to son. Our shared passion for craftsmanship and quality has helped Charles grow into a premium brand available in lots of supermarkets, butchers, local shops, and catering businesses.

A tradition of quality

Quality is of essential to our production centers: we use a certified HACCP plan and monitor the cold chain throughout the entire production and distribution process. All our employees also adhere to strict hygiene and safety standards. To guarantee the quality and traceability of our products, we subject them to extensive testing in our laboratory.

A master of innovation

What distinguishes Charles from other brands? The quintessential and authentic taste of our products. We use the latest techniques to supply traditional products of the highest quality. Our flat organisational structure means expertise is shared across departments, so we can always continue to experiment and innovate. Our flexible specialists work proactively to advance the company and the quality of products at all times. Technology and tradition go hand in hand – and you can taste it.

A promise of reliability

Electronically operated selection and weighing stations, fully automatic transportation and sorting systems, an automated loading station, optimised route planning for our 44 refrigerated lorries, and much more. The extensive automation of our logistics flow results in a minimal to non-existent error margin in the supply of our meat products. This means our freshly prepared products always reach their destination correctly and on time. Quality with no concessions, that’s our mission – including when it comes to service.

As a specialist in charcuterie and meals, we’re very keen to continuously enrich our many years of traditional craftsmanship and quality with contemporary techniques and new products: from deliciously wholesome and low-in-fat to reduced salt and free from gluten, lactose, and allergens.

Do you want craftsmanship and quality above all else?

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