Watching your diet is really easy with Charles. You can see which products are free from gluten, allergens and lactose, and which are low in salt and fat at a glance. So you can prepare delicious meals every day.

Naturally low in fat
Reduced salt


Charles offers you a range of options for creating tasty meals for people who are gluten-intolerant. Let us inspire you!


Extra sweet horse meat is free from gluten, lactose and allergens, and low in salt and fat. Combine with super foods such as linseed and nuts, and add cherry tomatoes and flat-leaf parsley. Drizzle with a tasty vinaigrette. Delicious as a starter, light lunch or in a picnic.


The gluten-free products of Charles contain no more than 20 mg/kg of gluten. Consequently, they comply with the European guidelines for the labelling and composition of food for people who are gluten intolerant.

Gluten-free selection

Varied cooking without allergens

Tasty diet with a food allergy? Charles helps you make it easy. Enjoy!

Warm salad with woodland mushrooms and beef fillet

The allergen-free, salted beef fillet is delicious with mushrooms. Use in an autumn salad with a handful of rocket, onion and potatoes, and drizzle with truffle oil for a touch of luxury. Serve the salad warm as a main dish or in smaller portions as a starter.

Allergen-free guarantee

Charles allergen-free products are prepared without any trace of the 14 most common allergens: gluten, shellfish, egg, fish, peanuts, soya, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphur dioxide/sulphites, lupin and molluscs. These substances are responsible for 80-90% of diet-related allergic reactions.

Allergen-free selection

Enjoy without lactose

Lactose or milk sugar is found in milk and dairy produce, but other products can contain traces of lactose too. No problem, you can still enjoy tasty and varied meals even with lactose-intolerance.

Penne gratin with salami and broccoli

Lactose-free but just as nutritious: wholemeal pasta with broccoli and salami Classic. The broccoli provides the necessary fibre and vitamins; the gluten, allergen and lactose-free salami adds the delicious flavour. A dish without lactose, but full of flavour.

Lactose-free guarantee

Charles lactose-free products contain no traces of lactose. They’re ideal for people with a lactose-intolerance or who struggle to digest milk. The products retain their nutritional value and great taste, so everyone will want to try. Even if you’re not lactose-intolerant!

Lactose-free selection

Eat well with reduced fat

Our selection includes lots of products that are low in fat but high in flavour. Enjoy without fat? No problem with Charles!

Creamy soup of roasted chestnut pumpkin with curry and chilli powder.

Pumpkin flesh is perfect for creamy soups. Roast Hokkaido pumpkin in the oven with curry and chilli powder, and purée with vegetable stock. Turn a few slices of beef fillet into roses and arrange on a skewer with roasted baguette. Present over the soup. The result? An alternative creamy soup with a delicious aroma and fantastic flavour.

Low-fat guarantee

Charles low-fat products satisfy the requirement of less than 3g fat per 100g or 100ml.

Low-fat selection

Indulgent recipes with less salt

You don’t need to look far for a meal without salt: Charles offers products that are naturally low in salt.

Sandwich with smoked turkey and green apple salsa

An apple in your lunch box provides balance in your stomach. Add apple to a salad: the refreshing acidity goes really well with smoked turkey. Turkey isn’t just low in salt; it’s also low in fat and free from gluten, lactose and allergens – ideal for a healthy lunch. Surprisingly tasty in a multi-grain sandwich.

Low-salt guarantee

Charles products with the ‘reduced salt’ label contain at least 25% less salt than their ‘regular’ counterpart.

Low-salt selection