Allergen-free products

Charles Kippensalami

Chicken salami

This salami made of chicken meat and vegetable fat is seasoned with a fresh bouquet garni. The result? A delicious salami with a subtle flavour!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Kalkoensalami

Turkey salami

A real salami favourite! The combination of lean turkey meat and tasty bacon creates a soft salami with a fresh and spicy aroma!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Boerenworst

Farmhouse sausage

A salami made of pure pork meat, seasoned with the finest herbs and chunky bacon bits. An absolute favourite among connoisseurs.

Charles Salami Classic

Salami Classic

A genuine classic from our range, prepared with the finest meat, fresh herbs and a hefty dose of craftsmanship!

Average weight per pack: 150 g

Charles Pepersalami

Pepper salami

This salami's spiciness comes from a unique blend of pepper from the Far East. A spectacle of elegant flavours and a spicy finish!

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Fijnkost Salami

Fine salami

A soft, balanced blend of meat with delicious mustard seeds. Just the right size for a sandwich. We love it, how about you?

Average weight per pack: 125 g

Charles Extra sweet horse meat

Extra sweet horse meat

Thin slices of fresh horse meat with a mild, sweet flavour due to traditional preparation methods: the meat is salt-dried in French wine barrels and matured slowly.

Average weight per pack: 80 g

Charles Gerookte Kalkoen

Smoked turkey

Irresistibly lean and healthy sandwich filling made of 100% turkey meat. Light but full of flavour thanks to the traditional smoking process. Ideal for a healthy diet.

Average weight per pack: 100 g